RL Media Group Photography and Ediiting Services


A picture is worth a thousand words

When we are developing an E-commerce or online product catalog project for our customers, some of them may have product images from the supplier already, and sometimes they don't. So they will ask us to take the photo for their products.

We can arrange the setup at you showroom, company or we can get a professional photo studio if needed.


Some Product photo shoot tips:

  1. Use a Tripod, spot light, light box
  2. Plan for the background for the images
  3. Avoid washouts and shows
  4. Multiple Shoots at all possible angles
  5. If possible, take photo in action (wearing, using.etc.)
  6. Set the highest quality mode


After the Photo Shoot, we will edit and choose the best images for the web. Also, you will get all files for the future use.

Customers want to see a clear and detailed image.

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